Do you have problems logging in?

The following points will help you to solve these problems:

        ➤ 1. Do you use a link that leads to the ordering system?

It is not uncommon for this to have an incorrect URL. Please go to the shop directly on our website If this solves your problem, you can then try to create a new link / favorite.

        ➤ 2. Is the security setting of your Internet Explorer suitable for the shop?

When using Microsoft Internet Explorer, the maximum security setting may be medium. Check this and correct it in the settings if necessary.

Attention: Our TecDoc web catalog no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, as it is no longer maintained by Microsoft and therefore does not support current functions and is unsafe.

          ➤ 3. Are cookies activated in the browser?

 In order for the shop to work correctly, cookies must be activated in your browser. You can also view and change this in the settings.

           ➤ 4. Does your browser contain illegal settings?

If the problem has not been resolved by the above points, incorrect settings may be stored in your browser. It is advisable to reset the program to the factory settings. Example Firefox: Close browser -> restart with pressed shift key -> select “Reset Firefox” …

➤ General: Regardless of whether Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome – our webshop supports all current browsers. Problems related to login should be solved with the above points (provided you have valid access data). Nevertheless, it is advisable to always have the current version of the respective browser installed on the computer.

If you continue to have problems, please contact the sales representative from our company responsible for you. He can give you further tips or take care of the matter on site.